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NOMAA has moved it offices.
Please change any address regarding to:
555 Capitol, Suite 600, Sacramento, CA 95814.
The Handbook has been edited only with these changes reflected. None of the standards for accreditation have changed with respect to the 2006 published version of the Handbook. If you should have any comments on the current handbook or standards for accreditation and/or preaccreditation please add your comment at http://www.nomaa.org/contact.htm, or email us at feedback@nomaa.org. Your comments are important to us. Please help us to better serve the profession and educational programs that teach this wonderful healthcare system.

NOMAA Handbook of Accreditation
2006 Handbook of Accreditation - 445k
2006 Handbook of Accreditation (with address changes) - 455k

New and Revised Handbook Pages Based on Address Change
Handbook address change – replaces page 1 - 25k
Handbook address change – replaces page 7 - 25k
Handbook address change – replaces page 9 - 23k
Handbook address change – replaces pages 81-82 - 32k

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